Doctors use PRP Therapy to target particular types of injuries and diseases.


PRP Therapy can serve to reduce or stop the progress of osteoarthritis also known as a chronic degenerative joint condition. The medicines can decrease swelling at the joints, allow more lubricating and, in some examples, even enable new cartilage to increase.


Ligament and Muscle Injuries

PRP therapy can also be a useful tool for managing severe injuries of muscles and ligaments, for example, strained hamstrings, plantar fasciitis, sprains or strained leg muscles. Early tearing of the muscle may also happen into this section. PRP stimulates the normal healing method with platelet combination up to 10 times what the body normally creates on its own.


Tendonitis/Chronic Tendon Injuries

One of the most frequent and most efficient uses of PRP therapy is to heal tendon damages caused by repeated movement (for example, tennis elbow, “jumper’s knee” or torn rotator cuffs). These types of damages can be hard to treat, not just because of repeated inflammation but also because blood draw to the tendons can be sick. PRP Therapy in NYC helps reduce the healing platelet cells at the position of the break so the tissues can restore more immediately.


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